A promise is a promise

Since my last post, few things changed on Persevy, tons changed for me.

I decided that if I wanted to fulfill my objective of building great products I had no choice but to learn all the skills required.

I started with design and I changed my career path towards it. I have been a Product Designer for a few years now and feel extremely confident in this role.

The next step was to gain coding skills. I started by studying frontend development a year and a half ago and finally graduated from my week-end classes last month.

My current objective is to acquire devops and backend skills. While of course upgrading my ux/ui and frontend skills.

Be able to prototype whatever I want, whenever I want, is my goal.

I took some major steps to accelerate this skill acquisition. Starting this Autumn, the main part of my days will be focused on learning and practicing, and that, for a few months.

It should translate to be better experience for you on Persevy. The emphasis I want to have on the next changes will be on simplification and speed. Persevy suffered from feature-creep so I need to address this first.

Credits: Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash